Friday, May 11, 2012

State of the Industry

You know, I actually forgot I made this blog. It's been a year since my last post, and a lot has changed in the minecraft skin world. Back then the only way to make skins was to use the buggy program made by one of the community members, or painstakingly edit every pixel yourself in Paint or GIMP. Now there are online editors everywhere with all sorts of cool presets and features. I mean, even I can make awesome looking skins now with all this cool stuff. Back then the best I could do was, well...

Not pretty to say the least.

So, we've come a long way since Minecraft was "released" back in 2010. Skins now are just crazy, all this shading and whatnot. I'll admit I'm not privvy to all the proper lingo, but I do admire a lot of the awesome skins being made these days. I really can't believe that after 2 (almost 3) years I, and millions of other people, are still playing and enjoying Minecraft.

When you think about it now, it really has changed the gaming industry as a whole.Now there are a million other "Minecraft-genre" games, like Minetest and the soon-to-be Yogventures. People are also a lot more willing to spend money on games that aren't made yet, as evidenced by the millions of Kickstarter projects being funded recently (Yogventures being one of them).

Anyway, I'm not sure why I made this post.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What is Minecraft?

Minecraft is known as the sand box creation video game created by Markus Persson (founder of the small business Mojang) and made in the Java language. It's aimed at construction along with imagination that allows the gamer to develop as well as put together constructions made of different cubes inside of a 3 dimensional universe. It has got 2 unique versions such as the Creative mode in which the video game is focused on creating along with a constant flow of supplies as well as building blocks. The 'beta' edition is more tricky as well as demanding as it requires that the gamer acquire any resources by themselves and even includes a gamer health bar as well as assorted enemies for instance the creepers, zombies and skeletons and a lot of other features and items. This game furthermore incorporates a rather distinctive range of Minecraft skins that you can edit or download on-line.

These kinds of skins are the image which the person's avatar applies as well as the visual display of countless different materials from the video game like the mobs and even building blocks. All of these skins can be made by anyone though is usually just simply modified since it is much simpler and easier to do when compared with creating your own from scratch. Sometimes, players worldwide upload their particular special Minecraft skins onto many different websites, torrents, or even message boards, so that others can obtain them and apply it to their very own.

Now these skins are very easy to modify because it doesn't involve a considerable amount of hassle just like other games that require you to download and install a specific application. These skins may be easily modified by using paint as well as adobe photoshop. For an better yet resolution and end result you really should download and install a Minecraft skin editor online.

Making your very own Minecraft skins on the other hand, is much more challenging compared to editing the default skin character within Minecraft. Making your very own skin might require you to download and install a specific program or file online.

This program is named the Minecraft SkinEdit tool. This makes everything easier because you begin on a empty layout where you can quickly paint your own personal avatar. No longer will you need to bother about making a slip-up on your character when it is far too late as this program includes it's own preview found on the bottom left part of the screen. Whilst making Minecraft skins, the preview is continually refreshed showing progress.

For further reading on the subject take a look here:

Sunday, October 24, 2010

How to Make Your Own Minecraft Skins

Creating your own Minecraft skins may sound like a difficult process, but trust me it is as easy as 1,2,3. You simply have to be acquainted with a photo editing software (such as Paint or Photoshop).

The first thing you’re going to require (aside from a picture editing software) is the template for the Minecraft skins. If you don’t have this you can go to minecraft skins in order to find it.

As you can see on the template every bit of the skin includes a different part of the template that it will likely be. So color in the some other part of the template, like the face, the legs, arms, hair etc. but keep in mind that when you are finished the image will be about one hundred times smaller. When you are finished and save your valuable finished minecraft skin it will likely be 64x32px.

If you need assistance then try using the default skin as a guide and then make small changes. Maybe give a hat, and then glasses, then you can alter the head. After that it gets easy.

Now that you have created your minecraft skins I can see you asking "But how do I put it on?!"

To use your different minecraft skins go to the minecraft homepage and sign in. Once logged in click on "Preferences" which should take you to your own user skin page. Now I’m sure you can see how to continue from here.

Simply click upload and choose the skin you want to use. It will take just a few minutes depending on your internet rate, but after you have uploaded your new minecraft skin it will show you a preview on the site.

If you want minecraft skins but do not want to make your own, then try the site listed above. They have lots of minecraft skins to acquire and use, I like it a lot.